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We have recently reinvigorated the Facebook presence of Divine Shepherd. Now, we are encouraging everyone to Like and Follow the Divine Shepherd page. Make sure you change your follow preference to "See First" in your Newsfeed so you get the latest from #dsomaha every day.

This Website Looks New...
This Website Looks New...

I see you have found your way to our new website. I'm glad you're here.

First and foremost - I welcome your feedback. Tell me what you think about the new experience - good or bad. aarone@dsomaha.org

Secondly, rest assured that this site will always be a work in progress. Any website is out of date as soon as it is updated. This is a good thing! That means a lot is happening at Divine Shepherd and the flow of information is running over our digital banks. I will do my best to coordinate the team effort that it will take to regularly update the information and articles you see here, and I hope you will work with us to make sure everything is accurate and timely.


Aaron Engelman
Communications Coordinator
Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church
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