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At least 100 people were killed, hundreds injured and thousands displaced when the El Fuego volcano erupted Sunday, June 3rd.

¿Qué harás por Guatemala?

What will you do for Guatemala?

Conversations with those on the ground in Guatemala have revealed that CALMS partners could provide assistance in several key areas.

Provide funding for items the shelters are requesting:

Bottled water, canned food, oil, sugar, pre-cooked rice, canned beans, instant soups, liquid incaparina, toilet paper, combs, soap, shampoo packets, diapers, paper towels, and garbage bags.

A door offering will be collected at Divine Shepherd June 16 & 17, or you can give online now:

Learn More

Please visit CALMS Facebook page to see more about what's going on in Central America.

Pray With Us...

~ Pray that the Lord will protect the rescue workers and those still waiting for rescue.

~ Praise the Lord that in His mercy he has provided volunteers who are already responding to the needs of people impacted by the loss of life and material things.

~ Pray that the seeds of the Gospel being planted in the midst of this tragedy would flourish in the hearts of those who hear His Word.

What's Happening?

Updated June 7, 2018 6:00pm

On June 3, the eruption of the volcano Fuego, located about 40 kilometers southwest of Guatemala City, impacted 1.7 million people.  Search and rescue efforts continue and the numbers of those who lost their lives or are still missing change from day to day.

More than 3,000 people have been evacuated and many are seeking refuge in shelters.  the situation could become worse because heavy rains are expected and potential mudslides of ash and debris will make recovery even more difficult.

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